Vanguard helps businesses and brands produce highly engaging video content, design and digital marketing.
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Elite Video Production

Over 80% of all web traffic now consists of video. It’s absolutely imperative that this form of media is integrated into your campaign. It is also your stand-in to pitch your value proposition to your clients.

highest quality guaranteed

We cut no corners and only use state of the art industry equipment including 4K video recording devices, drone services, cutting edge effects and ultra-realistic editing to ensure we deliver nothing but the best production output. The amazing results our clients get with our video content is a testament to the meticulous attention to detail we give to all our projects regardless of the scale.

great ROI

According to Wyzowl, 83% of businesses say that video provides a good return on investment. If these numbers don’t scream the importance of integrating video into your marketing campaigns, we don’t know what will. Also, another study shows that adding a video to your landing/sales page can increase conversions by 80%. Our clients are making great strides and dominating their market with our unique video content optimized for maximum ROI. You can too!


Sales and design are not mutually exclusive. Without attractive designs to captivate your audience, your marketing campaign isn’t optimized to its full potential, that’s where Vanguard comes in. Vanguard Media goes above and beyond for our clients in creating aesthetic designs that communicate our clients’ brand value.


A 2019 survey from Quick Sprout concluded that consumers seek and prefer visually appealing designs on a website than anything else. We can help you create visually pleasing designs with interesting ideas that your audience will love and attract more customers to your brand.

The final piece of the puzzlE.

Digital marketing is the iceing on the cake. We take all of your creative content and put it to use. Rather its Goggle Ads, social media managment or email campaigns, we will develop a comprehensive strategy that gets results. Let Vanguard put your creative to work! 

Elite Video Production

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